The founding of Mount Sanderson Partners began when the two partners were asked to give strategic guidance in a pair of business transactions.  An operating company and a company entering into a complex business deal structure sought their attention and input.  Both invitations led to positive results.  Other opportunities emerged and a partnership was formed.  

Our firm helps leaders identify and achieve their best goals.  We bring our breadth of experience to bear on the challenges many business owners and investors face.  We serve as guide, adviser (and sometimes as the pack mule!) on your journey.  We ask good questions, help you refine your goals, develop appropriate strategies and draw on a wide range of experience and business contacts to help with implementation.  We act as strategic partners to you in your process.  At times, we can step in and assist with key or tactical work that you do not have time to complete.  Regardless of your corporate or personal goals, we have probably been there.  As in most things in life, an experienced guide can make all the difference. 


Mount Sanderson Partners does not simply exist to make more money for our clients.  We believe there is more to life.  We believe in contributing with our time, money and energy to the welfare of people who need an honest external voice or a skilled executive level problem solver.  Driven by our core values, Mount Sanderson commits a significant portion of its revenue to charities we believe are making a meaningful difference around the globe.


Our founders have spent much of their free time over the past decades working to help disadvantaged people in Colorado, as well as specific initiatives in countries like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, Bolivia, India and Laos.  Ask us about these projects, and what we have planned for the future.  We love to talk about food security, economic development, access to higher education, and job creation.  We would love to hear about your experiences, as well as questions and comments about this work.  It is why we created this business and we would love to share that passion with you.      

Harvey Friesen

Harvey has a broad set of experiences from which to draw. Shortly after starting his career, he was named as the Senior Pastor of a church in Boulder, Colorado.  Even then, he was an agent of growth, and the church flourished.  They built a 33-acre campus, as well as 60+ houses for the homeless in Mexico.  They developed hospitals in Mexico and India, and provided ~$700k per year in direct benefit to the local schools and community service organizations.  Northern Trust Bank in Denver believed in the vision and organization that he had built so much so that they become the church's capital partner.  

His first financial transaction of significance was one where he developed the strategic plan and turnaround of a 40-year old Energy Company with operations in Colorado and California.  His client bought out the other partners, recast the company and later sold it at an 8 multiple.  After that, he served as Senior Vice President of a commercial real estate firm in Denver where he helped execute $39mm in real estate transactions.  He co-founded a mobile payments platform based in London that is pre-launch and awaiting regulatory approvals. His expertise tends to focus on deal structure, finance, fundraising and executive coaching.


He has a A.S. in Mathematics from Seminole State College, a B.S. in Bible Ministry from Manhattan Christian College, and is a candidate for the M.A. in Leadership from Cincinnati Bible Seminary.  

Harvey can be reached at harvey @ mountsanderson.com

Rod Salyer

Rod has deep experience in turnaround and startup environments and has managed a number of operating companies.  He is currently a hands-on manager of an Essential Business operating company he purchased in fall of 2019 and is guiding it through the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.  Prior to that, he served as President and/or COO of a pair of Private Equity-owned distribution businesses.  

Prior to that tenure, he served as a VP of Sales and Marketing, Commercial Sales Rep, managed a real estate development company, and worked in Sales or Business Development roles with a number of technology startups, including as Director of Business Development at HomeAdvisor. 


The Market Based Management framework he learned during his seven years at Koch Industries motivated him to earn an MBA in Economics from University of Chicago, and continues to shape his approach.  His expertise tends to focus on strategic growth, employee development and supply chain review especially as it relates to sales, marketing  and business development optimization.  

He has a B.S. in Marketing from Kansas State University and an M.B.A. in Business Strategy and Economics from University of Chicago.  He has served as a board member in a Home Builder Association council and a local Chamber of Commerce.  Since 1998, he has been an adviser and board member to a business that is revolutionizing the agriculture economy in Southeast Asia.  

Rod can be reached at rod @ mountsanderson.com